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Meet Clover, a French Bulldog with a nose for adventure and more than a touch of luck.


“A clover reminds us to keep faith, love, and hope in our hearts,” my mom says.


What else will Clover learn on her very first visit to her mom’s alma mater?


Follow this little Frenchie through Father Sorin’s big college campus and straight to the heart the Notre Dame family.




Note From the Author


I went to college at the University of Notre Dame from 1989-1993. I absolutely love my school, and I love my animals. For years, twenty-eight to be exact, I sent my loved ones Christmas letters penned in the voice of my pets. First, I wrote using the voice of my cats, Taz and Puzzle. Then I continued with my dogs, Hailey and Molly. And now the letters are “written” by my current dog, Clover. Clover is a playful, quirky, and funny French Bulldog. When I decided to write a Notre Dame children’s book, I knew she would be the perfect narrator. I hope you love seeing the Notre Dame campus through Clover’s eyes. For me, it has been a joy to create and share this fun and whimsical tale.











Clover Goes to Notre Dame

SKU: 978-1735348834
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