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Triumphs From Notre Dame: The Echoes of Her Loyal Sons and Daughters is Lisa's third book in the Echoes From Notre Dame book series. 


What does it take to be a student-athlete at Notre Dame?

Sports fans think they know what it takes to be an athlete at a Division I college: the training, the discipline, the pain, the motivation. But most of us have no idea what it takes to be a successful student-athlete at a top academic institution such as Notre Dame.


In “Triumphs From Notre Dame: The Echoes of Her Loyal Sons and Daughters,” the third book in Lisa Kelly’s “Echoes From Notre Dame” book series, Lisa details what it takes to be a successful student-athlete at Notre Dame: the dedication, determination, and drive that Our Lady’s student-athletes need to find success both on and off the field.


For the first time, Lisa includes female student-athletes as she tells the stories of a diverse group of Notre Dame student-athletes from multiple sports: football, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, women’s soccer, women’s basketball, women’s track, and a Notre Dame student manager; and details their journeys to, through, and beyond Notre Dame including:


  • The lessons they learned in college, and how those lessons changed their lives via the Notre Dame Value Stream
  • Their years at Notre Dame
  • The end of their collegiate and professional athletic careers
  • The new careers, dreams and achievement following their Notre Dame years

Notre Dame changes the lives of her students - and these student-athletes changed life at Notre Dame.


Triumphs From Notre Dame profiles 24 former Notre Dame athletes, including: 


John Scully - Football
Clint Johnson - Football
Stephen Pope - Football
Eddie Hartwell - Baseball
Dr. Charles Thomas Jr. - Basketball
Shannon Boxx - Soccer
Brett Bruininks - Hockey
Bill Hackett - Football
Rich Thomann - Football
Elizabeth Wagner - Soccer
Torrian Jones - Basketball 
Denise (Chabot) Karkos - Soccer
Eric Gregoire - Hockey
Jeremy Sample - Football

Raki Nelson -Football 
Mike O’Connell - Golf
Chris O’Connell - Golf
Karen (Robinson) Keyes - Basketball 
Charles Stafford - Football
Martin ‘Marty’ Olosky - Football
Joe Fredrick - Basketball

Molly Huddle -Track
Mary O’Connor - Notre Dame Student Manager
Chris Michalak - Baseball

Triumphs From Notre Dame: Echoes of Her Loyal Sons & Daughters

  • All books are in stock!

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